Learning How to Lose, in Six Easy Steps. Step Three: Innocence / Step Four: Perspective - Alex Gabriel

I love my boys <3 I want them to be happy!! But Ryuu is killing me with his indecision to come out (understandably, since he is an idol) and his reluctance to admit his feelings for Hiro out loud. In the process, he is hurting poor Hiro :(

[My theory is that the author based these 2 guys in 2 Johnnys. Unfortunately not the 2 I wanted. Anyway, my theory is that Ryuu is based on Nishikido Ryo. More or less same name, same grumpy personality, both of them were super cute when they were children, both of them are from Osaka, and are in a 7-member band. And Yo looks like he is YamaPi: best friend in the band, with a steady girlfriend (there was a time where he was steady with Keiko, and Yo is steady with Yumiko). Hiro, I think, is Taguchi (wtf, Ryo and Junno?? hahaha). Hiro is tall, likes puns, is mostly being made fun of, saying nothing and just smiling, just like Junno.]

So, this book was so much better than the 1st because of the romance. It has everything I like: a bit angsty (ok, pretty angsty in the last chapter, boohoo), romantic, steamy, cute... I almost want to punch Ryuu, because he is so scared to be busted. But hello! they are just meant to be together, everyone can see that ^_^ But no, Ryuu has to go and ruin everything... my heart almost broke in the last chapter (which is basically, the first chapter of the next book). I mean, his reasons are plausible. I've read so much about gossips on J-idols and the scoops of one being caught in a conbini/disco/etc. and the speculations of X idol being gay, X idol being promiscuous, etc, and they have to maintain their image intact and whatever, but still, it hurts when Ryuu more or less denigrates Hiro ("what? me with Hiro? As if. I am with **grabs some chick** this girl") right in front of him and then expects all to be good. As much as Hiro is nice and tries to go with the flow, there is a limit.

Please Ryuu, do something :( and please Hiro, don't be so hard on both of you. You both are suffering :( and me too :(