The Secret History - Donna Tartt

A bit too long, and although it is never dragging, there are parts that seemed irrelevant. Such as, the whole chapter where Richard is alone and almost dying of cold while the rest of the group is on vacation. I wonder what was the necessity of that... Also, the beginning. It took a while for Richard to join the class.

The story was good and engaging; the characters were all nasty. Let's start with Bunny's parents. His mother, zero feelings. His father, bipolar. Then, the side-buddies: Cloke, Judy... all druggies. Bunny, how bothersome. The rest of the group, all f***k up. There wasn't real friendship, their relationship was destructive, but they were very tied. So tied that they all had a sort of sexual relationship (homosexuality, twincest...). The narrator had a dead-kind of voice. Although we read from his POV for more than 500 pages, I never knew what he was really feeling (except for his crush on Camilla maybe). In fact, in more than 500 pages we barely know the characters. All we know that they are living the Sex, Drugs and Rock&Roll era. Barely any studies, huge amounts of booze, drugs... this bunch of kids is elitist because they are studying ancient Greek, totally separated from the University; they do what they want, they spend money and more money, they don't have any remorse for what they done, they are all highly unlikable. Still, I was pretty immersed in the story. I am not sure if I could recommend it to anyone, though.