Diamonds (Life According to Maps Book 2)

Diamonds - Nash Summers It is confirmed: I dislike Stacie, the little girl. Benji is a Best Friend in name only. We do not get to know Lane really well. And Maps is really immature, but hey, here it is disguised as being a "genius", a peculiar teenager, etc. I did not mind that he was an immature the whole novella, by overreacting and avoiding Lane (in fact, I like when this situations happen... makes the story more entertaining... sometimes anyway), but truly, it was like he was 5 and Stacie was 16. Their personalities did not match their age.

And ok, Lane could talk to Maps before. It was understandable why Maps freaked out. Lane, grow some balls, will ya?

The title is misleading. I thought it meant something else (thankfully, I was wrong). I thought that "Diamonds" meant Perry, with his "diamonds" eyelashes and his diamond piercing. Since he was gay and pretty, I thought he was going to be the new love interest in Maps' life. I mean, Maps is young and deserves to fall in love as many times as he wants, until he meets The One, but his relationship with Lane has just started, so I thought it was a big bummer. But yeah, I was wrong. It means the "diamond" at the baseball field. So really, it should have been "Diamond" instead of "DiamondS" but ok.