Akin to Anne: Tales of Other Orphans

Akin to Anne:  Tales of Other Orphans - L.M. Montgomery, Rea Wilmshurst 3.5

Beautiful short stories written by the exceptional good author L. M. Montgomery. The places she describes are beautiful and yet so familiar. All her characters, except for one, are kindred spirits. They are all nice, lonely fellows with honest, big hearts, who go thru hard times in their lives until they find happiness. Just like our dear Anne had. On the negative side, all these stories follow the same pattern: poor orphan who makes some mischief, until he/she has feelings of remorse, comes clean; some lady/gentleman sees her/him and goes "oh, she/he looks so much like XXXX... my dear, what was the maiden name of your mother?", our MC's reply and then "then you are my cousin/niece/daughter-son of my dear friend" etc., so our lovely character finds her/his HEA, with a family to love and cherish.

Only one story left me "huh??", which is The Softening of Miss Cynthia. I thought my copy was incomplete (since I bought an used book) but no, no pages were missing, so I assume that this story is incomplete. Other than that, I recommend this to anyone who is fan of LMM and who don't mind "recycled" patterns.