Ouran High School Host Club: v. 12

Ouran High School Host Club: v. 12 - Bisco Hatori Awwww, this volume made me teary-eyed, for 2 reasons:

- The twins: who would have thought, but it made me kind of sad. I know that they have to grow up and take their own paths, but it was so sad. And they are no longer identical :( But they choose each other above everything and everyone image

- Kyouya: how nice of him of doing all he does for Tamaki. Super sweet, he is such a tsundere. When he gives the presents to everyone in the club and then he tells how he meet Tamaki's mother, and Tamaki's tears... it was so moving image

BUT! It also has it funny moments (duh! it's OHSHC!) And Haruhi is slowly, veeeeery slowly, realizing her feelings for Tamaki... Although, being her, her reaction is the same as Tamaki's when HE notices his "weird" feelings for Haruhi.