Juan Pablo II, ese desconocido

Juan Pablo II, ese desconocido - Miguel Ángel Velasco ***Read in Spanish. My keyboard is programmed in English, reason why I review this book in English. All my life I called this Pope Juan Pablo II -not John Paul.***

When I found this book and saw the cover, I knew I had to buy it. I am not a religious person, but I love Pope Juan Pablo. And isn't the cover just sweet?

All the little anecdotes about him were marvelous and very touching. My favorites may be where we are told he showered with cold water without any complains, and the other one with the old man in Philippines - that one moved me to tears. This book may not have changed my vision about him -I know Pope Juan Pablo was an incredible human being-; it just reaffirmed it.

Two points that did not make me love this book: One, the human stories that the author promised about the pope were scarce, like around 40% of the book, maybe even less. Two, the author is a journalist, and I don't like how journalists write when it comes to books. It is usually too flowery and redundant.