The Tutor

The Tutor - Bonnie Dee What a huge disappointment. It had all the elements: Gothic, a Mansion, a Tutor and the great Master of the house, ghosts, AND an MM romance, and nothing worked.

The ghost thing was boring. Graham' voice was so lame, he made the simple things so boring. Lot of imagination that instead of making my heart pound harder, made me roll my eyes. All characters were bland, the twins boys were there just to have a Tutor as a MC, but other than that, nothing. The Master of the house was boring, supposedly imposing but bleh. I felt so sorry for his deceased wife. Yeah, he was supposed to be pitied, being gay and married to a girl and being closeted, but she was the one who killed herself, she was the one who had to witnessed her husband kissing a groom.

Graham was such an annoying MC. So full of himself. Constantly thinking that he has a charming smile (he doesn't), so sure that the Master is lusting for him (in theory he has the strongest gaydar and guys KNOW these things). When he is with the Master -Allinson- he is thinking how has it been for Allinson to sleep with a woman? Was it so much better having sex with Graham? And oh, is the wife watching them having sex and enjoying herself? What an ass! How could she!

The romance was not a romance. Zero chemistry between Graham and Allinson. It was just two men looking for a warm, male body. Yeah, the author tells us they spend time talking and laughing besides sleeping together, but we don't see it. We don't read those "fantastic" conversations. Their "romance" was so forced and the limited conversations we do read are lame.

Graham is supposed to love the twins at the end, but how could he? He was more invested in the ghost story (trying to gossip with the staff and people from the town) and in his lust for the master than in "tutoring" the children. Or is the title meant for "tutoring" the master? Whatever the reason, the "tutoring" failed big. Poor children, neglected in love and in education. Not for once I believed Graham nor their father love these boys. Because the relationship between the twins and Allinson was, again, so forced. Yeah right, Graham comes and try to get them closer, and oh look, he succeed! Graham is the best!... NOT

To defeat the evil, LOVE was needed... NOOOOOO, not this crap again....

A very poor mm version of [b:Mistress of Mellyn|211953|Mistress of Mellyn|Victoria Holt||1086042]. In fact, in spite of being so enthusiastic to read a MM Gothic Romance, most of the times I was thinking it would have been a little better if it was a MF Gothic Romance. At the least the heroine wouldn't have been so wanton, wouldn't have been so noisy and meddlesome (it was none of his business to meddle in this family's life from the very beginning!) and wouldn't have been so pretentious. And most important, would have care for the boys and respect the deceased wife, unlike this guy .l.