The Firebird and Other Stories

The Firebird and Other Stories - R. Cooper I may have love-hate feelings for this author. I love how she writes, so beautifully and not describing so much, except maybe for feelings. I love her characters; nice boys that are a bit lonely and are in need of someone to care for them, to love them. I love how most of her stories are more conversation and less action; sometimes it is as if I am a voyeur and just looking at the boys talking, understanding what they say about a 70%... the other 30% is something precious between them only. I love how it is mostly pinning, but this pinning also leads to an ache in the chest, both for the characters and for myself. Broken love stories. It is so sweet how both of them love the other, how they ache for the other, but since one is looking when the other is not, they are always missing the chance. Which is mostly what happens in these short stories.

These stories take set in different years but are somehow linked, mostly thru the Firebird. The setting is in Los Cerros, and most of the characters are Latin.

*The Firebird* (3/5)
Kazimir the Firebird; Jacob the drunken writer. This story was truly beautiful. I just love how the characters connect in their first meeting. Kazimir is a beautiful Firebird opera singer, who is always breaking people's heart. Until he meets Jacob, who doesn't try to win him over and seems to understand Kaz. All talk and a few glances (from Jacob's side). Both Kazimir and Jacob were so lonely. It was a bit dark maybe, and oh it was kind of hurtful as well. I down-rated it because of the end, that happens in another story.

*The Warrior's Sacrifice* (3/5)
Carmelo the Jaguar-shifter and Teo the muxe (basically, a transvestite). Oh the pinning between these two. Teo was left as a sacrifice at the door of Carmelo, and from then on, he lives at his place. Carmelo just wants to take care of Teo. And Teo, who has never had a suitor and who has always look at Carmelo from the distance, is just a little lost boy who is not sure of anything.

*Hyacinth in the Air* (4/5)
I loved this couple. Hyacinth the Fairy and Walter the human lawyer. Hyacinth is naughty DJ at a local radio-station and Walter is the lawyer who has to keep an eye on him. Hyacinth loves to tell his audience about Walter's lips, his date with Walter, how he craves for Walter, etc. It was all very lovely, and it may be a g4u in Walter's case. The end was so sexy <3 Who would have thought that Walter was on those things?<br/>
*A Giant Among Men* (2.5/5)
Tank the Troll and Simon the human, dark-skin barista. First time I read a romance where a troll is one of the MC. Tank is a kind of cop/bodyguard who is also into BDSM, which kind of ruined his image for me, since he was so kind and gentle and then, BAM, he is also into paddles, whips and putting men and women into pain until they come. While the first part was cute, the last part was MEH because of the BDSM thing, which was completely unexpected.

*The Imp and The Sunshine* (2/5)
Rennet the Imp and John the deputy major. My, how angsty, and all because they did not talk! Rennet and John are lovers but Rennet always leaves once they are done. He doesn't want to hurt nor bring any bad luck to John, since he is an Imp and John an important figure. So John thinks that Rennet doesn't really care for him, so he goes on dates. And that hurts Rennett. Everyone knows there are kind of a thing, but both of them don't. Usually I love this kind of premise but it was a bit exasperating in this story.

*The Wolf in the Garden* (2/5)
Miki the human gardener and Diego the Werewolf. Basically I love everything that involves a werewolf staring at his human and sniffing his scent. It is very romantic, at least in a MM romance. Miki has a red stain in his face and thinks of himself as ugly, in spite of Kazimir's words. One day on the garden he meets Diego, and he likes him, but since Diego is a recent widow and just lost his mate... So that's it, why I couldn't like this story. Once a werewolf finds his mate it is forever, right? But no, in this case is "until death do us part". I hated it! And also we read Kazimir's life decades after the first story. You can guess what happened...

*The Dragon's Egg* (3/5)
My favorite couple, my beloved Bertie and Arthur. My pearls. I love them so much and the whole reason why I continue reading the Beings series. They are so cute together, and that is the reason why I wanted to sob disappointed tears when I've read this story. So it is not Bertie and Arthur together anymore, but Bertie, Arthur and the Egg together. Don't ask me how it happened, it did. Bertie, who had his precious Arthur with him at last, and who wouldn't share him for anything in the world. And now comes and the Egg **sighs** And well, the whole Kaz thing made me realize that beings live for centuries, while humans don't. In short, in a few years Arthur will be old and then dead and Bertie will be alone and still young, without his precious pearl. That depressed me so much I barely could sleep yesterday night after I finished this book.

So that's it. No matter how much I love how she writes and the world she creates and her characters and their love, her stories mostly depressed me so much, even if it doesn't happen much. I love you R. Cooper, I honestly do, and I love your boys (*my* boys as well, since they are so dear to me) but it is also painful :(