Harry Plotter and The Chamber of Serpents, A Harry Potter Secret Parody

Harry Plotter and The Chamber of Serpents, A Harry Potter Secret Parody - MJ Ware I guess I am just a huge fan of HP I have trouble reading parodies (no, I am not. Since I loved, LOVE, the musical A Very Potter Musical, the best parody of HP so far). The only good stuff about this book were, ironically, all that was true -meaning, all that really happened in HP #2. I disliked the poor Austin so much. First, because he really doesn't have any personality. Was he happy? Bored? Scared? I couldn't tell. Second, he is an American boy, and he is the one chosen? Like, he may have Merlin's blood running in his veins? He could speak Parseltongue? He was Dumblesnore's confident? Whaaaat?

Third, he sees Plotter and Ron and the rest of Gryffinbore as bullies. Yeah, ok, I can see why he would think that about the twins. But he is constantly saying Harry and Ron are stupid, that Harry acts like a diva, etc. Ehh?

Hogworts is supposed to be British, but really, nothing here resembled British. Except when they were using the word "mate". All the rest sounded pretty American to me.

Austin is 13-years-old. But sometimes it was like he was 16 or older. A 13-year-old winking at a girl? Ehh?

Was his friend Miles a good guy or what? I couldn't tell. I wasn't even sure what was the whole point of his cigarette habit.

Yeah, Austin the intelligent, smart American boy. Who comes to England and BAM, next day he is in Hogworts. Finding out the truth about secrets before even Hermione. Speaking in Parseltongue. Opening the Chamber of Serpents. Winking at girls. Looking down at Harry. Being Dumblesnore most important ally. Right **eye-roll**