Collide (Blackcreek Series)

Collide (Blackcreek Series) - Riley Hart A lot of bromance. Noah returns to his childhood town after 17 years and meets Cooper, who used to be his best friend. They retake their friendship pretty quickly, as Noah moves out with Cooper. Once Cooper knows that Noah is gay, he cannot stop thinking about his friend in lusty ways.

Definitely a g4u romance, which I love. Cooper has so many inner struggles but at least he talks about it with Noah, since they are best friends. Poor Cooper and his doubts about sexuality, although does he really need a label? I am happy that, once Cooper tells Noah that they cannot be more than friends, and he goes out trying to hook up with some lady, while Noah tries to hook up with Wes, nothing happens. Besides all the jealousy scenes, of course, which are really fine with me :D

It was sweet that they were so good friends, but some of their memories were a little too sweet. Like, a head-ache sweetness. Do boys of 13 years old really behave like that with their BFF? And honestly, 17 years is a lot of time. I know that men bond pretty quickly, but they become best friends again in minutes. Surely a lot of things have changed.

Also, there are 2 words that are highly overused in this book: *wink and *fuck/ing:

"You're such a flirt." Cooper winked at her.

"More women for me." Coop winked.

Noah winked at him.

Total of "winked": 21

Just what he didn't fucking need.

He'd fucking hit someone.

Total of fuck/ing - fuck-up: 358 (and not all of them as in verb)

The sex scenes were extremely hot image; their love sweet and believable, and the story flows really well. Thank God the ex did not show up (as I thought at the beginning). I want to know how their relationship will go on, and I may be a little bit interested in Branden and Wes.