Lassie, Come Home

Lassie, Come Home - Eric Knight One of those books that I had to read it when I was younger, I wonder why I didn't? (I know why, because the library at my school didn't have it and access to books in that time was difficult). The story is somewhat similar to [b:Black Beauty|3685|Black Beauty|Anna Sewell||4639714]: the quiet life of an animal that is suddenly interrupted to be taken away from it beloved home. In Lassie's case, she goes thru a long journey to get back to her master, and along the way, she meets nice and bad people.

While BB was darker and more about the hardships of horses, Lassie is certainly more focused on children and teens, and therefore, more slushy. I, as a dog lover, was touched by certain scenes, and by Lassie's loyalty, but also, I was aware that it was also very schmaltzy.