Wicklow's Odyssey

Wicklow's Odyssey - R. Cooper The first couple of pages were slow and I wasn't able to be immersed in the world. But slowly it starts to get better, and once the explosion happens and everybody get on their own way, and Wicklow meets Rhoades, I was hooked up.

I liked that it is like an espionage thriller, with steampunk and mm romance elements included. It is also the most steamy one so far. More erotic, less romantic, I think. I liked the whole gang; they may not be the MC like Wicklow and Rhoades, but they grew on me.

But good lord, this author knows how to break my heart! I love her dearly, I love the way she writes dialogues; it is like the characters are sometimes talking in codes. She is the only author I follow in other social networks, and the only author I have "talked" to.

So, as far as the romance goes, I did not like it, and it is all for personal pet peeves:

1. The scene where Wicklow had to pretend to be a whore to steal a soldier his clothes. I almost dies of a heart attack, I thought there was going to happen the inevitable. And Rhoades was there, watching, while Wicklow was kissed roughly by this soldier and practically manhandled.

2. Wicklow is supposed to hate when people touches him, but he was willingly to have the boy whore on his lap and french-kiss him. In fact, he was so horny he wanted to go to a private room with the whore, even after all the intense kisses and moments he shared with Rhoades.

3. Rhoades is supposed to be an alpha male, but he failed as one in my book. He, of course, was crazy for Wicklow, but he was willing to watch while Wicklow was taken by another man. He was willing to let Wicklow be with any whore Wicklow wanted.

4. Even when Rhoades was already crazy for Wicklow, in those times he did not make a move, he was whoring around constantly. Wicklow witnessed all the men that go to Rhoades' house; Wicklow witnessed Rhoades' glows after being with all those men.

5. Rhoades was truly an asshole. I hated his story with the Colonel or whatever his title was. Years ago, the Colonel was mourning his wife's death. Rhoades tried to seduce the Colonel. The Colonel was not interested in men, so Rhoades took that as a challenge until the Colonel fell for him. Once the wonder passed, Rhoades broke the Colonel's heart. WHAT AN ASS!

I love how the author is always saying that XX character or ZZ character needs love. Which is almost always true; her boys are hungry for love! But I could not feel that for Rhoades nor for Wicklow. Too bad, but I'll continue reading her stuff, even if they make my stomach hurt, as Wicklow is constantly thinking because of his feelings for Rhoades.