Going Gay for His Billionaire Boss

Going Gay for His Billionaire Boss - Corynn Crawford 3.5

In spite of the cheesy title, this little book is not PWP at all. When I started reading it, it felt like an Harlequin Romance (which is, mostly, a NO for me). I thought it was going to be similar to [b:Midnight Secretary, Vol. 01|6337896|Midnight Secretary, Vol. 01 (Midnight Secretary, #1)|Tomu Ohmi|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1237097856s/6337896.jpg|6523794]: efficient, naive secretary and a powerful, alpha boss. Boy, was I wrong.

Ash starts to work as assistant to Tristan, a powerful, rich CEO of porn industry. Ash did not have a chance not falling for Tristan. First, Ash has to watch while the gay porn was filmed. While Ash (28-years-old) was never interested in men and had relationship with women only, he could not helped but get aroused while watching it (I don't blame him, it was incredible hot). But that was not the only reason he doubts his sexuality.

Oh no. His boss Tristan, who not only looks like a mature model, is extremely kind. He is gay and he instantly likes Ash, but he is not pushy and flirts only occasionally. More than anything, he bonds with Ash as a friend. They spend time together, share their past and they are comfortable with each other. Only once Ash discovers an old porn video starring a very young Tristan is when he starts having these confused feelings for his boss.

They do not kiss until 80% of the book, so it is not a smutty romance and it is not insta-love. Their scene together was extremely hot, but also very sweet.

I wish it was longer. I do not like HFN endings, but I have faith in Ash. So I can imagine their future together, happy and in love <3