Straight Boy: A Short Story

Straight Boy: A Short Story - Alessandra Hazard PWP, but a very screwed up one. And like it happened to me with Straight Boys #1, I liked it... very much. It has to be the author's talent, because I usually dislike this kind of drama.

Except when it is romance prison. Or Stockholm syndrome in prison. Or a screwed up relationship in prison. Whatever you want to call it.

But this book also involves a third in the wheel, which I hate. From what I've read, this author loves to write her straight boys with a steady relationship with a girl. So no thanks, that is CHEATING, and I HATE IT! Other tags in this book (that I usually hate): voyeurism, exhibitionism, dub-con.

Anyway, Sage is a pretty blond, nice guy who has to be in jail for a year. His roommate Xavier tells him right away that Sage is going to be his boy toy. Sage does not want to, but instead of f**king, Xavier gropes him in the showers to prove everyone that Sage is his. Then the groping turns into finger-f**king. At first Sage hates it, then he loves it. Even if it happens in front on other prisoners **shudders**

Eventually, of course Sage surrenders and Xavier takes him. At least there wasn't any non-con.

Sage leaves prison, his girlfriend is still waiting for him. Sage feels empty without Xavier, but he tries to live normally. He tries to have normal sex with his girlfriend. He goes to therapist. But he still feels empty. Xavier finally finds him, at night in an empty park, and the first thing Sage does is kneel in front of him to give him a bj. There, in the park.

WOW, so screwed up. Let's see: 1) he is cheating on his nice girlfriend; 2) he loves to be "used", likes to be Xavier's "thing"; 3) he loves and hate Xavier; 4) basically, he needs Xavier to breath.

If Xavier tells him he needs to f**k Sage to get it out of his system, Sage happily agrees. If Xavier wants to abuse his mouth, Sage is happy to comply.

I really hope that therapist helps Sage eventually. Because he is really screwed up. That's prison for you.

Not that Xavier was OK. He is another screwed up douche-bag (albeit not a bad one).

It was all wrong, and despite it all, I liked it. Geez, I am so screwed up.