Hollow Pike

Hollow Pike - James Dawson It kills me to write this, after his wonderful other book [b:Say Her Name|18621200|Say Her Name|James Dawson|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1380886158s/18621200.jpg|26406059] but this book was terribly boring.


Not scary. A mystery yes (once the murder happens, which is, around 50% of the book maybe), but scary? No.

A small town full of beautiful people. Because, you know, when the heroine moves to a new place, it will always be to a pretty place full of models.

Insta-love. Which is disappointing because I was not expecting it from a male author.

Simple-minded heroine. And simple-minded love interest.

The trio of "freaks": no chemistry. And they were "freaks" because two of the girls were lesbians and the guy may be gay. Oh right, they may be witches too.

Lame conversations: it was like reading a play. It did not flow naturally. And (I only noticed this after half of the book, but it was annoying), they were constantly talking with exclamation signs. Like "Yes! I need it too! It is awesome!". Or the girls saying "hone", "babe". Do teenagers really talk like this?

Not a believable friendship: like, huh? why are you guys friends? Like, BFF? Oh right, because of the "connection".

Repetitive bad-girl-character-wise ("I am very mean, I am the Queen of school, I am gorgeous and everybody does what I say. But I have my own issues and little secrets, no one really knows me"). And what are the chances that the Queen Bee of School likes the same boy as our heroine? Right, a 100% chance!

Childish "bullying": one of the prank was spreading the rumor that X girl was a lesbian. Or sending a fake email so everyone can read it. In said email says that the heroine gave birth (or had an abortion, I don't remember) and had to move to this town cause she did not know who the father was.

Witches? What witches? Don't read this if you are expecting a "Coven"-ish story.

While [b:Say Her Name|18621200|Say Her Name|James Dawson|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1380886158s/18621200.jpg|26406059] was like watching a horror Japanese movie, this one was like watching a low-budget movie with plenty of bad actors.