Bound by Him

Bound by Him - Kelex, April  Andrews Two super hot stories. The first one is a bit better when it comes to romance. At least Levi (the virgin twink) and Alex (the Dom) took their time to get naughty, since Alex was the boss of the club and Levi the new-comer (and virgin). I am not really familiar with all the bdsm aspect, so I am not sure how was Levi bounded his first time. It was supposed to be him looking at the floor, but then Alex said that he loved to see Levi watching him, so yeah... I was confused. The 2nd story was too insta-lust, too insta-love. They barely look at each other and at the next second, both Nicky (the deliver twink-guy) was in an empty office with bear Jasper. After a super-hot session,, they were more or less confessing their feelings. Huh. But taking that aside, the bdsm was so good and **comburst into flames**.