Signs - Anna  Martin 2.5

I've read so many positive reviews about this book so I gave it a try. I think I have never read a MM romance with disability before. I may have thought that disability means angst and sadness. Luckily, it isn't. Or at least in this book.

Characters: MEH
Although they weren't bad characters, they weren't too likable for me. Luc is the typical emo guy I've read in a hundred books: lonely, with only a couple of close friends, with absent parents (alcoholic mother; deceased father) and an older sister that resembles a mother. I don't deny that I found him nice when he started to learn sign language. That was so cute of him. On the other hand, Caleb was much more likable, I guess because because of his disability and his relationship with his parents.

Romance: MEH
It could be influenced in my not-loving the characters. Or maybe not. I didn't find it particularly cute; just normal. And it all moved forward so fast. Like, one minute they start texting each other, then Caleb visits Luc in NYU; then they lose their virginity, then they are thinking about the future. WHOA, take it easy pals. You are just teenagers finding love for the first time. No need to rush things (I dislike contemporary romances where the teenagers fall in love and immediately start to plan their married life w/o even finish school). They were too dependent from the other. Like it was a constant pain in the chest not being together all the time. They needed the other to breath, to sleep, to have advances in the talk-issue, to be inspired in photography, to be strong to take the surgery.

Story: MEH
I did not like the pace so much. And some things, like Luc having insomnia and nightmares, weren't developed. Like, why did he have those nightmares? What happened when he was a kid? And what happened to his friend Jay? And although I pretty much avoid angst, I almost wanted a little angst in this book. Everything was so easily solved. As in, one chapter Luc was out. All good and easy. Other chapter Caleb is out and all good and easy. His overprotective parents accept Luc, a strange boy from another city. And then, Caleb's parents more or less invited Luc for the weekend while they were going out on vacations. Huh? Specially after all the protectiveness, out of nowhere they sexily themselves?? And also about the money; first for the medical test and then for the apartment. Everything was handled to these guys (I guess since poor Caleb had a hard life with a disability, the author wanted to give everything else easily to him, but still). The cherry on the top was that both of them got into the same uni.

Disability issue: Good
The sign language is something so interesting. It is something that I wanted to learn long ago but forgot. I love Caleb's parents and how they care for him. I love the medical test the doctors tried on Caleb, even if it was all made up. I like that the author was so concern about this issue, how she handled it, how she worked on it.

The end: Good
The end was so adorable! I was almost on the verge of tears. Perfect ending <3