Bakuman Volume 05

Bakuman Volume 05 - Tsugumi Ohba Eiji must be one of the best male character in a shounen manga. Or the best, I love him. Everything he does and says is funny, I can't believe Shujin thought that compliment of him may have been sarcastic, because Eiji does not have a bit of malice in his entire being.

Miura instead of Hattori-san... boo-hoo. Luckily I watched the entire anime so it does not bother me that much, but to think that Hattori-san won't be their editor anymore D:

All scenes with Fukuda's team are my favorites: the celebration party, them trying to save Nakai, all of them getting serialized... Rivals and friends XD And although Fukuda-san behaves grumpily, he is always the most concerned about his friends, awww.

And poor Hiramaru! He is such a hilarious character. There is nothing better than when he and Eiji are together (the light and the darkness), with him trying to get away from his editor (in his eyes, his prisoner!). I wish I could read his manga, as well as "Trap".

Still not a fan of Mashiro and Miho, and I will never will. The manga is a mix of comedy and slice of life, so I can't understand why their so-called love-life is kind of ruining the story. Yes, it is a big part of Bakuman, but still. Miyoshi is nice but again, I could never accept her as part of Ashirogi Muto.

If only Miyoshi, Miho and her mother (with the creepiest hairdo I've ever seen) wouldn't have been part of this world... Ao is OK, because she is a mangaka and proves us that she is not the cold princess she appeared to be at first.

The live action! Can't wait, looks awesome.