Lush in Lace

Lush in Lace - A.J. Ridges Uff, manties! Not only I just learned this word but I also learned that is my favorite kind of kink. It is so sexy **drools**

Every time Scott wears the lace panties + stocking it is sexy as hell. I loved it.

I also like that the huge sexual tension between them. They do not even kiss until half of the story has gone. Besides manties, I absolutely LOVE g4u stories, and this one is definitely a g4u. Scott has never wanted any other man except Rylan. And while Scott is the bigger (in all senses) guy, he is the one who wears the lace, he is the one who bottoms and he loves it.

For the manties alone I will recommend this FREE! romance to anyone. But it is also fair to point out the cons, which are:

- Scott was an ass: 1) he used women in his college/high school time. He screwed them thinking it was Rylan he was screwing. WAA (What An Ass). 2) After having their first time together, and getting caught by his brother and husband in bed with Rylan, Scott tells Rylan he is embarrassed to be with him. Ok, I get Scott has been "straight" all his life, but such a hurtful word! WAA. 3) After rejecting Rylan, and not seeing each other for a week (although Scott tried to get in touch with Rylan through text messages and calls), Scott gets jealous when he sees Rylan with a flirting guy. More or less, Scott tells the guy to back off since he -Scott- is with Rylan. Eh? After rejecting him so hard? WAA.

- It is like reading a yaoi manga. Rylan's brother is married to Scott's brother. Rylan's friend "Rimmer" (what an awful nickname, btw) has a thing with the Latin dancer. Rylan helps in study to two boys (one out, the other "straight" but that seems that has a crush on the gay guy). So, everyone is gay.

- Rylan LOVES to overreact. He misunderstands everything, which leads to a fight. First with the manties when he catches Scott alone in his kitchen; then in the first date and last in the epilogue. Chill out, bro and stop jumping into haste, wrong conclusions.

- In theory, Rylan is a nerd guy while Scott is a jock. Well, I never felt it. More like, the other way around. Although if jocks=jerk, then both of them are jocks. Their banter felt a bit teenager-ish (they are in their 25's), so basically, they act like high-school boys instead of adults.

- I hate in my MM romances when the MCs get off without a proper kiss first. Happens here.

Still, the manties win over all of them.