Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind - Elizabeth  Cole A cute novella, where we have the typical lovely maiden and handsome rake. The originality lays on Olivia, the heroine, who is blind. She is not alone, she has her cousin Emily (her "dragon") to keep her company and support her in anything.

Being a novella, the story was very well done, and the characters are very likeable, something that it is hard to find in short stories. It is sweet without being corny; it is romantic without having to be explicit. And the introduction of the two main characters of the following book in the series (Emily and Robert) caught my attention.

There is even a duel with swords! For that alone the novella is worth reading.

**The free copy I downloaded from Amazon has a different title: "Scandal at Dawn (A Regency Rhapsody Novella Book 1)"**