Kichiku Encount

Kichiku Encount - Owaru The seme is kind of a jerk (dub-con); he is always dragging the poor uke, harrasing him, and taking advantage of the uke's admiration for this gravure idol/porn actress. Chihiro's (the seme) little brother is there to make him more human, and there is the typical chapter where the uke is sick and Chihiro takes care of him (ok, I admit that was cute).

There is also a bit oF BDSM, when Chihiro makes the uke (ugh I forgot his name) to take the vibrator, and the extra chapter has a bit of it as well (the extra chapter was a bit MEH).

The art is lovely.. very beautiful. I did not like the seme so much (he is too pushy... certainly The Devil, as the uke likes to call him), but the uke was so cute. He made me laugh several times, and i also felt sorry for him a couple of times although he wasn't a weepy boy.

Only that I am pissed that Chihiro is a sex worker, and remains so. How come? He is rich, he doesn't need money, and he has the uke, who is the cutest thing ever. But no, even after they are together (kind of), he remains a sex worker (I guess a prostitute). I hate that, I wish he wasn't. Bleh.