A Distant Neighborhood, Vol. 1

A Distant Neighborhood, Vol. 1 - Jiro Taniguchi This is a review for both volumes.

A beautiful, moving seinen. A 40 and something year old man travels in time and relives his days as a young boy. I was moved by the first time he sees his mother again -who is dead in the present day-, I wanted to relive my student years too when Hiroshi gets all answers correctly; it was sad that he knew what was going to happen to all his friends (some die, some have successful lives). I wasn't too convinced with the art at the beginning, but then I appreciated it more. Hiroshi as a younger boy has such a melancholic face, he is so mature. The mangaka made a great job there.

What could you do if you can go back in time? Enjoy it or change the story to make it better? I liked this manga very much; it has 2 volumes only, so it does not drag on at all.

Beautiful song I was listening to, which is also as melancholic: Rondo Veneziano - Magico Incontro