True Of Heart [The Draegan Lords, Book I]

True Of Heart [The Draegan Lords, Book I] - M. L. Rhodes I love dragons, and the whole mate thing in MM romances (it has not lost it appealing yet, unlike in MF romances). Both Gaige and Keiran were good characters; manly, good warriors, not too melodramatic (except maybe towards the end, with the whole "I love you so much"... and the whole "He needs to know that.."). Nice chemistry and good hot scenes together. Not a PWP (there are like, 3 scenes in total and not too long). I hate insta-love but it is ok when they are meant to be mates. Understandable at least.

The Not-For-Me were, 1) the double-agent thing, which is plot I don't have enough patience. Gaige is a warrior, second in command of an evil wizard, comes to live in the draegan camp with a hidden identity, so gain their trust and stab them later in the back. But he learns to love the draegans, and most importantly, falls in love with their leader. This, of course, leads to the problem of "once he finds out I am really a double agent, he'll hate me". On the other hand, Keiran also hides some truth. The first time they make love, they "join", meaning the consolidate their mating. Keiran knows it, Gaige feels it, but he is not aware of what is it. And Keiran doesn't know how to tell him, which leads to another problem of "I should tell him but not now".

The other no for me was the rape. If only Keiran had arrived earlier! To know that one of your heroes had to go through something so horrible and nasty is a let-down (it all happens behind scenes, thank Heavens, but even so). That sorcerer, wizard or whatever was a complete pig.

There are two things I can't stand in my romances: rape and cheating/distrust. Be warned if you have the same problem. I wish I knew beforehand, so I would have skipped this one.