Freddie Mercury: Su vida contada por él mismo

Freddie Mercury: Su vida contada por él mismo - Greg  Brooks, Simon Lupton, Freddie Mercury Three days ago was the 24th anniversary of Freddie's death. What a talented artist. I loved this biography. It is different from others because there is no "he was born XX date", or "when he was a little boy, this and that happened". No, it is a compendium of interviews Freddie gave throughout his life, all in his own words.

Reading the book is like being in the same room with Freddie, he sitting on a couch, smoking his cigarette (I can't believe he used to smoke, with that voice! but he said he wanted to have a husky voice, so that's why he did it...). He was so honest about his love for the music, for Queen, about death, money... A diva, a rebel, a man who lived on the edge, who liked to live the present (never thinking about the future). I love his extravagant and dry wit, the way he was (ironic), the way he expressed himself. There were more than a couple of times where I was laughing at his expressions. He truly had a sparkling personality. I did not read it in English, but he liked to addressed people with something like "my dears/darlings", something that always made me smile. He did not take himself very seriously, but he did love and live for music.

When he talked about death, it was like he knew about his future... He said that, if he died it was going to be hard to replace him, and so true he was (although I do like Adam Lambert). He also talked about his fear of dying of AIDS. Very sad.

You will not know more about his life, like, how it was for him in school, or about his family, his childhood, etc, but you will "listen" to him talk about anything and everything, and as it is, I think it was more real and more revealing than knowing single facts about his life. Amazing book, and amazing quotes from Freddie himself.