The Wallflower 34

The Wallflower 34 - Tomoko Hayakawa I love the first 2 chapters, and the 2 last were OK.

I like Machiko-chan, Yuki's GF. She is silly like Noi-chi and more tomboy than Sunako-chan. We finally get to know her better, along with the girls who try to "help" her to be more girly.

Sunako-chan gets a job at the amusement park, as a panda. Kyokei is as silly as ever, eating all her chocolate. This makes her so mad she kicks his face several times XD

The last 2 chapters were about a spoiled American little girl. Sunako-chan does everything the little girl wants because her grandfather is a famous movie director. But of course Sunako-chan eventually solves the little girls' problems and wins her admiration. I guess I did not like these 2 chapters so much since the "little spoiled beautiful rich girl" has been overused so many times, in this manga and in others.

I love the mangaka extra notes. She is so funny! I think I enjoy her notes as much as I enjoy the manga itself. Her little drawing of her eating besides her cat... hilarious.