Ao Haru Ride Vol.1 [Japanese Edition]

Ao Haru Ride Vol.1 [Japanese Edition] - Io Sakisaka 2.5

Not all shoujo heroines can be like Sawako or Sunako-chan, but come on! Do I have to read shoujos where main girl is crying half of the time? And where she changes because of a stupid guy, who behaves like an ass but who is supposed to be "cool"? Granted, Futaba is not crying because "she is in love, he will never love her back, yadda, yadda" but she cries for silly reasons. And only after pathetic Kou tells her her "friends" are not really friends, she stood up for her believes.

And why does she keeps saying he changed to much? Years ago, they exchanged like, 3 words. Yes, he looked cute, he looked nice, but she cannot know for sure. She did not know him at all.

The art, on the other hand, is super cute. Kou is a hottie, and his brother! But all in all, the story is predictable, and the characters are not entirely likable. Not a bad manga, and I've read worse shoujos so I rate this 2.5 (cuz I can't get myself to rate it 3).