All Kinds of Tied Down

All Kinds of Tied Down - Mary Calmes MEH. I love Jin and Logan, and I hoped to find their equals in this book. Not even close. There were many boring parts, mostly about shootings and stuff. Nice to see them on screen, on a movie, but I guess is not my thing when I have to read them. Since Miro (Miroslav) and Ian are Marshals, I was pretty much screwed from the beginning, I just did not know.

Also there are a lot of characters. I had no idea who was who, I just kept reading. Many officers, many criminals, etc, etc. In the middle of the book, when Ian goes on a mission, out of nowhere we are introduced to a group of girls, friends to Miro. Big yawn. They all acted like they were teenagers (annoying, meddlesome, and supposedly awesome friends ) teenagers. I still cannot remember who was who, I pretty much had a single annoying woman times 4. Or was it 3?

Miro, the MC, is more or less the perfect man. Aha, yeah, another Gary Stu. Super handsome, good officer, sex adviser, best friend, etc. Ian's girlfriend loves him. Ian's father loves him. Ian's dog loves him. Etc, etc. Everybody wants to f**k him (criminals, colleagues, etc). Because, oh yeah, I forgot to add that everyone is gay. EVERYONE. Officers, criminals, victims, etc. Which is one of my pet peeve, btw.

Not even the friends-turn-to-lovers could save this book. Half of the book was mostly ok-ish, with a certain sexual tension... on Miro's side. On Ian's side it was more: **riiiing, riiiing, hello, where are you? who are you with? did you get hurt?** I mean, I love the possessiveness of a handsome man over his love one as much as anyone, but this was ridiculous. Ian was constantly wanting Miro by his side, wanting to know where he was and what he was doing, while he had his girlfriend by his side! What a jerk, he was a total ass towards his nice girlfriend. But wait, of course she couldn't be THAT nice. She was a cheater. Go figure. Both of them are constantly in danger, since they are both marshals, but it was like Ian was all the time worried about Miro getting shot, which was understandable but he was almost always angry that Miro had to chase the bad guy/shot the bad guys/go in the middle of a dangerous situation, etc. Why not quit that profession and find another safer one?

Then, after Ian comes back from his mission, it was like I missed some pages or so. They there are, in the airport, happy to see each other again. The next minute, they are trying to keep their hands from each other and avoiding glances and trying to be less obvious. Then, Miro is all "how could I have never seen it before?" Then he is groping Ian and giving him a bj. Huh?

This book is like 3 in 1: the first one is until Ian goes on a mission (it would have been an OK book); the 2nd part is where a hundred of characters are introduced and I was starting to lose my patience (it would have been a boring book), and the 3rd one is after Ian comes back (it would have been a predictable, cheesy book). I honestly don't understand why the first criminal was introduced, the one that wants to f**ck Miro and have him visiting at the prison. I don't understand why the boring besties girls were introduced, they annoyed the hell out of me. Why adding extras and extras of characters? And no, I have not read other books besides the "Change of hearts" series, so I don't know any of these characters.

Of course, once they are lovers, Ian has to go and turn into a insecure little guy **eye-roll**

I dreamed I skimmed over pages the first day I started reading it. Never happened to me before, dreaming to skim over pages. And I wasn't even on the middle of it. I guess it was a premonition that I wouldn't like it (and no, I did not skim over).