Teenage Mysteries: Volume 2

Teenage Mysteries: Volume 2 - Jack Matcha I am not a GR Librarian, so I can't edit the details, so here is the info:

Title: Teenage Mysteries, Vol. 2
Author: Jack Matcha
Published on: May, 1973
Edition Language: English
Number of pages (Paperback): 125
Setting: California, United States
Plot: Contains four of the most suspense-filled, exciting tales you've ever read. In each of the stories, written especially for Tiger Beat readers by Hollywood mystery writer Jack Matcha, adventuresome teenagers find themselves in the middle of mystifying, baffling and dangerous situations.

There are a total of 4 stories, each one with a teenage MC that has a mysterious experience. All of them seem like there is a paranormal thing, but it is just a trick (except maybe the last one?).

Nightmare on Haunted Hill: Just like one of those old-fashioned mystery show. A bit spooky, except for the dialogue, which seemed forced.

A sense of danger: ok, this one does really have a paranormal activity, since the MC has ESP. The boy that disappeared is so annoyed, though. And the dialogue between him and the MC was so unnatural. My least favorite one.

Out of my mind: very good one, the MC keeps getting strange calls from a girl who keeps saying is herself. Maybe the most spooky one, since I did not have any idea of why or what was happening.

Dr. Jekyll and Jr. Hyde: this one doesn't really is a mystery solved at the end: it is up to the reader to decide what happened.

I liked this book because it was so 90's (the clothes, the lack of cellphones and the use of phones, and even the cover is so 90's)