Segundo verano en vaqueros

Segundo verano en vaqueros - Ann Brashares There were times when I lost my patience with all girls (except with Bridget). Carmen was as insufferable as always, being selfish with the boy she was dating and being jealous with her mother who was starting to date again. Tibby was mean to her friend Brian, who was so nice to her, only to impress her new friends in college. She also made a bad film about her mother -regretting about it later, but the deed was done-. Lena was hot and cold with her ex-boyfriend Kostos; she cut all ties with him, yet she still was pinning for him, and once they get back together, she was obsessed about him.

Bridget was undercover in her grandma's place, but she was OK. She was trying to figure out things about her dead mom, and in the meantime, got herself a new mom: her grandma.

But I love the friendship between these girls, you can feel the closeness between them. They spent almost the entire book apart, yet they never forget each other and have the other 3 girls constantly in their minds. I wanted the girls to solve their problems, especially the one with their mothers (each one of them has a problem related to her mom). Each one of them changed by the end of the book, they learn their lessons, and they continue to support each other. I love that. I wish I had these kind of girlfriends when I was growing up.

I love the end, with the picture of their younger mothers. It was touching.