Up-Ending Tad Bundle (Volumes 1, 2, 3)

Up-Ending Tad Bundle (Volumes 1, 2, 3) - Kora Knight Re-read, May 18th, 2016.

As much as I want to complete my reading challenge, I decided to rate this box set, since the novelettes can be read as one book. I enjoyed reading all novelettes SO MUCH! I would recommend this to people who loved [b:No Homo|21570001|No Homo|RemainNameless|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1401890281s/21570001.jpg|40902451]. Why? Because it is about Tad, a "straight" guy who loves to hang around with another guy, and yet, keeps denying he is gay. Besides, the humor. His thoughts are just hilarious to read. He over-thinks, over-analyzes everything; he is in constant denial, whenever he is going to experience something homo new, he freaks out. But he is also crazy about Scott (eventually) and can't keep himself away from Scott.

My rating for the novelettes are:

- "Loser Takes It All, #1": 4.5 stars

This novella is, basically, a PWP, but such an amazing one. Starts as a dub-con, with Tad reluctantly agreeing to be flogged by Scott. Besides the beginning, with the bullies kind of dragging Tad to Scott's place, the novella is all about Scott and Tad and no one else, inside that little room. It was immensely image, and Scott's words! **nosebleed**. Not a romance per se, since they do not even know each other and do not even kiss, and Tad is just on the receiving end (he does not even see Scott during the whole experience -he is blindfolded- and does not touch Scott not even once -he is tied-), but Scott was incredibly gentle and sensual.

- "Test of Endurance, #2":3.5 stars

Tad can't get Scott out of his system, so he visits him, just to work out in Scott's gym, nothing else. Or at least, that was his plan. After working out, Scott offers him a massage, and we all know where a massage eventually leads to. Again, Tad is only on the receiving end, first just laying there (not tied this time, but he is blindfold... because that way he can keep denying he is having the most amazing sex with a guy. This novella is where is starts to get funnier, because of Tad's inner struggles. This statement of him made me cracked-up:

"Goddamn, Scott," he grit. "Your dick freaking hurts. Must you be so fucking large?”

- "Sideline Submission, #3:" 2.5 stars

My least favorite, and it is because I freaking hate voyeurism. Takes all the romance away. Scott's friend asks him to be a voyeur in his session with a sub, and since Tad is with Scott, he tags along. Both of them watch behind a glass, and wow, the session was just a turn off! The kind of BDSM I feel uncomfortable to read. To be honest, I scan-read these scenes only. I just wanted to read what was happening behind the mirror, that is, between Tad and Scott. Both of them get so turned on, the fun begins once Tad tries to hide his excitement. image against the mirror O_O and finally, although not really **pouts** a beginning of a kiss happens.

That is right. After 3 novellas and 3 insanely hot sex scenes, these guys have not even kissed yet. Because kissing is the big deal, and Tad does not want to go there yet. Every time he thinks about it, and seems like it is going to happen, he freaks out. I only forgive him because he rambles so much, and when he freaks out is hilarious. And he keeps blushing, because he is still in denial. Not even once I had the urge to shake Tad, and that is because of his personality. What can I say, he is an adorable blind dumb boy. Scott enjoys too much working him out, with husky, sexy words, and touching all his erogenous zones image

I do think that Tad is not really gay-for-Scott. Seems like he is just coming of age (at 24) and finding himself. But I shelf this book in my g4u shelf because Tad is going through all the conflicts and struggles a man usually goes in g4u books. And he only has eyes for Scott <3<br/>
So, for the sex alone, these novelettes are outstanding. But it is not only the smut. Tad is adorable, the chemistry between him and Scott is fantastic, and their dialogues are so fun to read. There is no drama, only the self-discovering of Tad (which is a joy to read).