The Girl Who Heard Demons

The Girl Who Heard Demons - Janette Rallison I can't deny I enjoyed my time reading this, in spite of feeling it was a bit too Christian for me (mentions of God, guardian angels, partying is not good, be a goody-2-shoes is right, etc.), I liked the idea and the execution. Adelle sees and hears demons, which are basically our own demons that tempt us and impulse us to do wrong. Soon Levi, the son of the principal and one of the hot guys, and Adelle form some kind of an alliance, although he doesn't believe her in the entire book, which I hated. I mean, she gave him plenty of reasons to believe her, but no, he wouldn't. He attributed all to her common sense or whatever.

I usually enjoy reading YA from her and his POV, and I liked that this book had it. I liked Levi, in spite of being such a stubborn boy.

Now, on the MEH stuff. Let's face it, Adelle is a Mary Sue. She is the girl who is quiet in class and who doesn't want to attract attention, so she dresses plainly and she wears her hair in pony tails. Oh, and she doesn't wear make up. She is basically the unnoticed mouse. Until, voila! Nice jeans, loose hair and a bit of make up and suddenly Adelle is The Hottest Girl in School. Another fact is that she is the damsel in distress. She has two big dangerous situations, and voila! Handsome Levi to the rescue. Her parents are absent (they live, literally, in another state) with the lame excuse that Adelle needed to get away from all the bullying (due to her ability and the fact that people did not believe her and called her more or less, a follow of Satan). When she gets shot, they visit for a week or so, want to take her back but "oh look, you have nice friends and a cute boyfriend, so you can stay here." What!

The ending was super convenient. Adelle was truly a Mary Sue: almost died a couple of times, but of course she got out of it. Both times. To live a normal life as a teenager with her pretty boyfriend. Hmph.

I love JR, but this one is one of my least favorite books of her. Nice plot, but a boring female MC.