Checking Out Love

Checking Out Love - R. Cooper Me thinks that the author may be a Sterek fangirl! Hello, we have the moody, big guy with thick eyebrows, stubble and who intimidates anyone except this nerdy, skinny boy -younger- who loves to talk nonsensical -sometimes- and who scares everyone with his babbling.

After that book (the one-who-must-not-be-named) I thought I was going to take a break from R. Cooper's books and here I am, again. Couldn't stay away long. One bad book cannot scare me away from all her other awesome books.

It is a novella well written, with enough descriptions, feelings, development. Jeremy was fun (and Asian!) and Benj was sweet with his cardigans and library's rules. Who cannot like two nerds who love books? I just wish that the kiss were longer, and that their relationship did not start with a hand-job at the library. With a better detailed kiss I would have been extremely satisfied.