Jeeves Y El Espiritu Feudal

Jeeves y el espĂ­ritu feudal - P.G. Wodehouse Not my favorite in the series (that would be [b:Right Ho, Jeeves|9850375|Right Ho, Jeeves (Jeeves, #6)|P.G. Wodehouse||2168123] and/or [b:Carry on, Jeeves|16387|Carry on, Jeeves (Jeeves, #3)|P.G. Wodehouse||883903]) but it is my first Jeeves paperbook (which I purchased only to lend it to people who reads, because honestly, more people should read it) and I did laugh most of the times (when Bertie asked Jeeves to repeat that tongue-twister was hilarious). I hope this is the end of Florence and Stilton... as much as I love Bertie getting tangled into unwanted love relationships, Florence is frivolous and so volatile when it comes to "love" (yesterday she loved Stilton, today she is engaged to Bertie, tomorrow is another guy) and Stilton is a poor ass. On the other hand, the aunts are so funny (their expressions when they refer to Bertie!); both Aunt Dahlia and Aunt Agatha, who is not part of this book, but somehow she, as well as Anatole, are always present; and Bertie with that mustache is genius. How he can be so busy and have so many adventures when all he does is play darts, smoke a cigar and getting drunk is a mystery to me XD