Entwined - Heather Dixon Zzzzzz was for most of the loooong story. Granted, I am not a fan of the fairy tale (Twelve Princess Dancing) but I've read another retelling book that was fantastic ([b:The Princess Curse|9588207|The Princess Curse|Merrie Haskell|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1299897431s/9588207.jpg|14475179]) and well, why not? It could work again. But not with this book. How much can you tell about this story, to drag it for hundreds of pages?

If I could get a penny for every "The King sucked in his cheeks"; "her yellow-green eyes", and "her auburn hair" that we find in this book, I would be a millionaire. Instead, I have a sort of ache in my cheeks (every time I was reading that the King sucked in his cheeks, I tried to do the same... and since he does it the whole book, my cheeks hurt).

Azalea, the oldest of the 12 princesses, is another Mary Sue. All her sisters love her dearly, they can't be without her. She is nice, she can dance, she is the best daughter, the most princessely princess. While in the original story the sisters have a curse that make them dance every night, in this book the girls choose to dance every night. They certainly didn't have anything better to do, poor girls. They couldn't leave their castle. They barely open a book. If you are wondering, Azalea is around 17 I guess. The youngest is months old only, but she goes to the Underworld as well (and also her sisters that have 2, 4, etc.) to... err, dance? All of them need sleepers and when they are lack of them, they dance in their boots, which result in blisters. Yes, even in the little ones. All the princesses want to do is dance, and have new dresses and new sleepers. And yes, seems like even the little ones (the babies!).

The girls have stupid names that go from A to L: Bramble, Clover, etc. At least they have their own personality that makes the reader remember more or less who is who. Ok, not all of them but at least a third of them. The Mary Sue, the pretty shy one who goes into rage once in a while, the rude one that is supposed to be rebellious instead, the twins, and the baby. Err, that's it. The others were... errr, F, G, H... errr, and all with, auburn hair?

So the story (and me reading it) goes like this:

The beginning was ZZZZZZZ.

The romance: **snoring**

Going to the forest and meeting The Keeper: **slowly opening my eyes**

Trying to break the curse: **snooze**

Other love interests (for the other sisters): **peeking**

More dancing and tantrums to their father, the King: ZZZZZZZ

The girls getting closer to their father: **slowly opening my eyes**

Azalea trying on her own to defeat the bad guy: **snoring**

The end: **eyes wide open**

So basically, the best thing about this book is not the fantasy side (magic? meh, almost nothing), nor the romantic part (boring), nor the adventure part (which there isn't). More like, it is the bond between the sisters (sometimes corny, but nice towards the end) and eventually, the bond they form with their father (who stops sucking in his cheeks, btw, hahaha).

So, not trying to be unfair, I give this book a 1.5. It is not BAD book, but a BORING one, with not enough MAGIC.