Refining Felicity

Refining Felicity - M.C. Beaton A very charming book. Started a bit MEH, but when I got to the end, I found myself with a huge smile. I am eager to read the whole series at this point.

It starts MEH because, on one hand, we have 2 respectable spinsters sisters who are more or less in poverty and who decide to offer their services to polish wild, rebellious fine daughters. On the other hand, we have a spoiled chit who can't seem to behave herself, and whose mother, not knowing what else to do, decides to hire the old sisters.

The plot did not seem too plausible. The sisters got it all too easy, what with meeting the marquess and forming some kind of alliance. The marquess, Lord Ravenswood, was not fun, and seemed to be always recriminating Felicity. And no, not precisely like Mr. Knightley does with Emma, because the marquess was much harder, moody, with zero sympathy for Felicity, who again, was nothing like Emma, since Felicity was a very childish, selfish girl. And then, since the sisters have to pretend to be presentable, the marquess help them to redecorate their home, with his own furniture!

Truly Felicity was unbearable at first. She does the most childish pranks. She thinks only of herself. There is zero chemistry between her and the marquess. It was almost like he couldn't stand her and just wanted to be married to his pretty fiancee. But Amy and Effy, the spinsters sisters, were so fun to read. They are close, different in looks and personality, but both of them are rival in love, it was so funny! Amy is such a fierce woman, I love everything she did after each of Felicity's pranks. And Effy, although being the nicest between the two, also gives a lesson to that silly girl.

So after all her misbehavior, Felicity slowly starts to grow as a person. The marquess sees this as well, and although they still fight, they are attracted to each other. I love that, that even though they were in love, and even the day of their wedding, they still fight. Strong characters, both of them. I may not have loved the marquess by the end of the story, but I did enjoy their romance.

I may have enjoyed the sisters more, hence my decision to read the following books in the series. I laughed when they were in the marquess house country, sitting at the table with his parents, fiancee, him and Felicity, and both sisters were discussing in low voice who was going to be the first to say goodbye to go to bed. It is something I do with my own sisters, so I found that extremely funny.

Not entirely clean, since Amy swears a little bit, and the marquess is quite daring with Felicity (and he was a monster with his poor fiancee!). A fun fact is that, at 67% of the book, the author mentions that the marquess' name is Charles. At 67%! But to me, he was always monster-marquess. A very amusing, enjoyable, fun regency romance, with zero angst and zero drama.