Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac

Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac - Gabrielle Zevin How do I end up reading YA books that involves love triangle (when I try to avoid it at any cost) is beyond me. Until last week I did not know the existence of this book. In my defense, the reason I read it is this:


That is right. Tego from NEWS and MatsuKen from the movie Death Note in the same movie is a must-watch for me. Besides, Horikita Maki is not that bad. So I had to read. I like to read the book before I watch the movie, if possible.

I did like the story, it flows smoothly; I finished it in 24 hours, I could not stop reading it. I like when the MC looses her memories, and shows her true self maybe? At least she is a bit shocked of her past behaviors, or is a complete different person than she used to be. Before the accident, Naomi was a semi-popular girl, athlete, a bit bitch towards her father's girlfriend, dating a jock because he is popular, etc. Then she has this accident, and she changes a bit. She still has her issues with her mom, but she warms up a bit. She realizes her relationship with Ace, her boyfriend, is not real. She also warms up to her soon-to-be stepmother.

The problem I had with Naomi is once she regains her memory. She is a bitch with Will, and he did not deserve it. She is a bitch with her father, and he did not deserve it. She falls deeply in love with James, and quickly enough, she falls out of love. She proclaims that "I did not want to be the kind of girl who always needed to be in love with someone", but she is. She barely breaks up with Ace, starts dating James. Her relationship with James does not work, she immediately realizes her feelings for Will.

On the other hand, I liked her multiple love interests: Ace, James and Will. Ace was a bit of an air-head, but he was really nice. James had his mental issues, but he was sweet. Will was a bit annoying sometimes, but he was very likeable. All characters had flaws and strength, which make them more real. Yes, her mother did a terrible thing, but she is her mother and she still loves her. Her father hides his new relationship, but he is happier.

I recommend to watch the movie after finishing this book. It was very well done, and a interesting detail is that the movie is bilingual; Japanese + English. Besides, it is eye-candy.