A Boy and His Dragon (Being

A Boy and His Dragon (Being - R. Cooper This was a really good book. I loved it. It was a very simple story, 0 drama, cute and slow-paced, but I liked how well it was written. It reminded me a little bit of Patricia Wrede (maybe because it was about dragons? maybe because I fell for the main characters?)

If I had to summarize the plot, it would be like this: Arthur, a poor college guy starts working as an assistant of Dr. Jones, "Bertie", a genius dragon-shifter. And that's it. Basically the story is about Arthur, who lives with his sister, needs money so he works for Bertie, putting in order all his books and then, his house. From the beginning, both of them are very attracted to each other. I don't blame them. I loved Bertie and Arthur too, and it was obvious they belong to each other image

First, Bertie, the dragon shifter. He was incredibly nice.. "soft-hearted" is how Arthur described him, and he was right. Not only he was incredibly nice, but he also was incredible rich, incredible smart, incredibly endearing, incredibly crazy for Arthur, right from the start. He was also possessive and jealous, but not the "alpha-male" type possessive I usually dislike. And he was very good-looking. What is best, in my opinion, he had natural black nails!... damn that is sexy.

I have a thing for NATURAL BLACK NAILS!

Then we have Arthur, who is extremely nice too. I am sorry K, but this should have been a paranormal AK fanfic. Arthur was a total K, being skinny, and attractive in a cute way, and with his fair looks. And Bertie was a total A, with his black hair and all that affection and care and passion for Arthur.

There is not even one single kiss for almost 75% of the book; it is mostly a bit of flirt. Their relationship grows calmly but steady. I loved the nicknames Bertie gives Arthur: pearl, treasure, pet, darling... they all show how much he appreciates him. image

Other characters were good although they had a mere minor role: Kate, Arthur's sister; Zeru, Bertie's friend and cause of jealousy from Arthur's side; Drew, the delivery greedy guy...

There are only 2 bedroom scenes, and both were ... image

I wished it had been longer.... While I was reading the first page I knew I was going to love it... There are books like that; too bad it was so short! I think I have to read more books from this author, she is really good.

Awww, Arthur and Bertie image