The Darkangel

The Darkangel - Meredith Ann Pierce I was pleasantly surprised with this book, I thought it was a Paranormal YA, the kind that abound lately. Romantic, with plenty of descriptions of the hero being the most handsome guy ever, the girl being plain but oh wait, beautiful; the weird and/or "exotic" names... Instead I got a mean Icarus (true, beautiful as well, but at the least there aren't descriptions of "his eyes were...". "his hair... his lips..." in every corner); a brave heroine; talking and smart animals, eerie yet pathetic specters, hungry gargoyles and dark places.

I liked that the author did not describe so much, a disturbing habit most nowadays authors have. Aeriel, the MC, is quiet but determined to do things right and help the specters and the gargoyles, even if they scare her at first. She, from the very start, in spite of being afraid of the vampire, goes in search of her kidnapped mistress. And then, in spite of being captivated by his beauty, she escapes and plans to destroy him. And, in spite of knowing he is dangerous, she wants to save his humanity.

It is not really a vampire story; more like a demon-angel one, since the Icarus wants his wives' souls instead of blood. It is also not a romance book, although Aeriel sees goodness in the Icarus beneath all the evilness.

I liked all characters; from Aeriel to the specters and the little wizard. I liked the setting and the fact that it is a dark fantasy. Similar to [b:The Princess Curse|9588207|The Princess Curse|Merrie Haskell||14475179] and [b:The Hollow Kingdom|142776|The Hollow Kingdom (The Hollow Kingdom Trilogy, #1)|Clare B. Dunkle||137723], two books I adore. I loved the talking animals, the adventure of Aeriel, the Icarus' story, Aeriel's quest and the dark castle.

Recommended to people who liked their Fantasy book well written, not the sappy vampire "love" story that is so overrated nowadays **sneer**.