Tregaron's Daughter

Tregaron's Daughter - Madeleine Brent I miss reading Victoria Holt terribly, but reading any Madeleine Brent book is the closest I found so far. The style in writing is similar, as well as several other aspects. In fact, the beginning of the story is very much alike to [b:Bride of Pendorric|303675|Bride of Pendorric|Victoria Holt||294711]: Cadi lives in a fishing town, her mother passed away when she was younger, and her father is a fisherman. They met a foreigner (who is going to be a big part in Cadi's life later on). Her father dies in the sea, and she comes to live with Mr. Morton.

What follows next is what one who loves to read Gothic books expects: several attempts of murder towards Cadi, who is brave as well as sensible (two virtues a Gothic heroine must have); nightmares; distrust of people, especially of the man she loves; big houses (serving staff is very important, there should be a lot of them: cook, butler, several maids, etc, etc); travel to a foreign country (in this case, beautiful Venice, which is a perfect setting for a dark story). The final chapters, where Cadi escapes for her life, were very exciting (my heart was beating so fast!).

I remember that, when I read my first book by Madeleine Brent and then found out he was a really a man, I was disappointed. I was silly, I did not think a man could write from a woman's POV as well as a female author. I was totally wrong, very wrong.