The Wallflower 33

The Wallflower 33 - Tomoko Hayakawa Three excellent chapters and one so-so.

The fist and last one were my favorites. One where Takenaga and Noi-chi have a little misunderstanding -again-. Takenaga acts like a cold boyfriend, Noi-chi cries and leaves like a drama queen, and Takenaga has to do something chivalrious to win her back. Ahh the fights between these two never fail. They are so funny.

The last one is a movie production, with the visit of the director "Mim" Burton. Sunako will do anything to be near her favorite director, and of course, to have what she wants, she needs poor Kyohei!

The so-so one was the one where a ghost takes part of Kyohei's body. It was funny -as always- but I am not a fan of this kind of stories in YNSH.

I loved when the boys where having their little party and Ranmaru and Kyohei were singing "Seishun Amigo" <3 <3 The song that never fails in karaoke.<br/>
The author's notes, as funny and crazy as ever. Sometimes it is like they were written by me. I love this mangaka.