After School Nightmare, Volume 1

After School Nightmare, Volume 1 - Setona Mizushiro, Christine Schilling Mashiro, the MC with the upper half body of a male, and the below half body of a female, is a bit of a Mary Sue/Gary Stu. There is a love triangle that I despise. But somehow, it kept me glued to the story. I couldn't help it. The dreams (nightmares) are creepy and somewhat interesting. Maybe a bit without a sense, but it was interesting. Mashiro's gf is creepy but her story is very painful and sad (raped at the age of 5; hence, she hates men. But since Mashiro is half woman, he is ok). Sou seems a bit of a tsundere, and generally I don't like love interest that force themselves on their love, but well, since to me Mashiro is more male than female, I liked it.

In many ways it reminds me of the trilogy [b:Pantomime|15797050|Pantomime (Micah Grey, #1)|Laura Lam||19161274]. The same kind of characters, of love triangle, of strange things happening, and in spite of not liking many things, I can't keep away from reading it. Definitely reading the next one.