Blood Lad, Vol. 1

Blood Lad, Vol. 1 - Yuuki Kodama Very good manga, I'll continue reading this and maybe even watch the anime. It has everything a good shounen should have: battles, a likeable MC, comedy, nice side-kicks and an engaging plot. In spite of Staz being a vampire and the boss of the district in the demon world, he is funny and laid-back. And what is the best, he is an otaku, crazy about J-culture (manga, games, girls). He looks very much like Mephisto Pheles from [b:Blue Exorcist, Vol. 1|9876989|Blue Exorcist, Vol. 1 (Blue Exorcist, #1)|Kazue Kato||8097252]. In fact, the art is pretty good, kinda like BE, although the only character I don't like that much (how is portrayed and how is drawn) is the girl. I get that a girl (cute, with big breasts) is necessary sometimes in a shounen for the fanservice -I guess- but after reading so many with this same idea, I find it too annoying. I hate when the girl is just there to provide fanservice and zero contribution to the main story.

Anyway, besides that, it is entertaining and I like Staz and his sidekicks and not-so-sidekicks.