Dissolution  - C.J. Sansom It took me forever to:

.... get into the story. Around half of the book there were scenes that were gripping, but other times anything distracted me from the story.

.... distinguish the monks. At the end, only Brother Guy, Edwig, Gabriel and Jerome were memorable.

.... accept Matthew Shardlake as the MC. He was not likeable, and although it was his doctrine and all, it annoyed me his blindness and loyalty for a monster like Cromwell.

.... finish the book. Every time I've read for one hour at least, I found out I advanced a couple of pages only.

But there were a couple of things that made this reading worth it:

.... I pity some of the characters, like Brother Guy, Gabriel and Alice. They had to suffer the prejudice and bigot for 1) color of skin; 2) homosexuality and 3) being the only young woman among a group of hypocrites and perverts monks.

.... the setting. Everything was dark, Gothic and living in a monastery, although for a week only, was depressing, gloomy but interesting.

... the gruesome murders. I can't deny it; it was creepy. The be-headed commissioner, the drowned girl in the pond...

In summary, it was too long and slow most of the times, I disliked the MC but the mystery was well done.