Carry on, Jeeves

Carry on, Jeeves - P.G. Wodehouse Can someone recommend me a book with a character similar to Bertie? Because I love this guy. I really do. He may not be the brightest, he may be a headache for his aunts but he is such a nice guy, always willing to help his "dear old chums".

This is a collection of short stories, where pretty much always Bertie finds one of his old high-school friend in trouble or love despair and since he is such a good fellow, he tries his best to help them. All of course with the help of Jeeves. Sometimes Jeeves can't come with any plan (could be because he doesn't know yet or could be because he is pained of Bertie's fashion sense) and Bertie is very disappointed on him. I love every time Bertie talks to Jeeves "coldly", only because Jeeves seems indifferent, or every time Bertie doesn't want to give in when it comes to his fashion sense (could be a pink tie, could be growing a mustache), and of course, how everything ends XD

The first story is the first time Jeeves comes to work for Bertie. The last one is from Jeeves' POV. Now, as much as I admire the valet, he isn't Bertie, so his story wasn't much fun. And, IMO, the last couple of chapters were weaker than the other stories. But all in all, I had a blast with dear Bertram Wooster and his many adventures.