A Promise of Romance

A Promise of Romance - Kyoko Akitsu, Tooko Miyagi The only good point about this awful book is that it is short. The rest.. terrible. At the beginning, it was going fine. Handsome blond English seme; beautiful Japanese uke (I pity the Japanese guys; they always have to be the uke in a relationship with a foreign guy... it is inevitable). Satsuki has an agreement with Edward; to pretend be his bride for a lot of money. Hmmph, I love a Japanese hottie cross-dressing... cannot deny that. But then Edward commits the biggest crime and the story turns into a awful soap opera. And Satsuki forgives him! And the female cousin is the most cliche evil bitch ever.

Bah, I love these yaoi lights novel, but there are some crappy ones, like this one.