Untitled - Ella Frank This shows just how much I love this couple, because the entire book was mushy and corny as hell. It was either "I love you" or "I want to f** you". Or thoughts of "this gorgeous man is mine" or "what did I do to deserve this guy?". I have rated so low other books with the same premise, but what can I say, I love Tate and Logan. They may be very mushy together, but they were also smoking hot together and I just wanted them to have their HEA.

Thank God stupid Chris, Logan's ex, is not an issue as I thought he would be in book #2. Thank God Tate and Logan put stupid Finley in his place once they all meet. Thank God there weren't third party people trying to get into their relationship. The only problem they have to face is when Tate has an accident. Yeah, an issue that has been maybe overused in romance, but I love how the injured one is so tenderly taken care of, and how the other (in this case, Logan) treats the injured one as the most precious but fragile thing.

Their journey has been a pleasure to read. There were a few obstacles but nothing too major and nothing that wasn't expected. While they may have been TOO romantic, they also had their little fights. I like that Tate has, at least, made up with one of his parents. I just don't get why his ex-wife would say to Logan to appreciate his relationship with Logan since losing him would be painful. Eh? She was the one who cheated on him and who demanded the divorce; now she is the one regretful?

TRUST means that they do not doubt the other, no matter who is trying to get between them. No matter if it is Chris (no threat there), no matter if Tate's family rejects this relationship. Trust is what Tate does when he is hurt. Trust is what they both do when they decide to go to their next level and do it bareback <3 Trust is what they do when they decide to move in together.<br/>
I still cannot get over their way of talk. It annoyed me in book #1, then in #2 and still in #3. "Tate?" "Yeah?". "And Logan?", "Yeah?". Hmph... every time they talked and said a sex innuendo (which is like, 90% of the time).

Anyway, I love that this author made a perfect ending without being entirely too mushy. There is no wedding and no prospect of one, of forming a family. No, they are taking baby steps, with moving together and Tate opening his own bar. Sharing it with Logan. Oh, and a new baby but from Cole's side.