Know Not Why

Know Not Why - Hannah  Johnson image

This book was not only sweet, but very funny. I love to read coming-of-age stories, and if they are coming-out-of-the-closet/coming-of-age, even better. Howie is not really a teenager, but he acts like one most of the times (he is 22). He is one of those characters that readers would find, either endearing or annoying as hell. In my opinion, he was both.

He rambles a lot. A lot. He says the most idiotic things (something that he is entirely aware of), he is judgmental, he loves to lie. There were times where I wanted to slap his face, a couple of times. But his sarcasm was a lot of fun to read, and I was giggling most of the times. He starts working in an art and craft shop to get laid (with girls), but instead, he is more aware of his boss Arthur and his long eyelashes. How cute is that?

Their first kiss took me by surprise. It was so out of nowhere. The before and after, to be more specific. I would say that THAT was a bit disappointing. Nevertheless, Arthur was a sweetheart, and very patient, considering that Howie was not out of the closet yet and kept lying about their relationship to his family and old friends.

More than the two lovely boys, I liked the girls at the shop, Kristy and Cora. They were so different but so nice: Kristy, a super-nice, beautiful, talkative girl who wanted to have Howie working at the shop only to make a match between him and Arthur; and Cora, a scary-looking, kind-of-aggressive actress-wannabe who helps Howie to realize his sexuality. And yep, these girls are two fujoshis, who squeal and make the happy dance when things start going on between Howie and Arthur (who can blame them?). It was a bit embarrassing for both Howie and Arthur at the beginning, but the girls were a lot of help to make their relationship progress.

I think that every character deserves a special mention: Mitch, Howie's BFF, who was a weird, sympathetic fellow; Emily, Howie's sister-in-law, who seems weird but actually is awesome in her odd-way; Howie's mother, who is an anonymous erotic writer, and wasn't her reaction about Howie's homosexuality totally cool?; Kristy's BF Cliff and his strange fight with Howie.

Every scene where Howie comes out to someone was image (except the one with Amber). And when Howie is having dinner with his brother and Amber and Emily, and they see Arthur with his ex and Howie goes to confront him was image (the night ends very well for Howie, regardless image)

Amber was the only one I did not accept, but she was Howie's BFF and he cared a lot about her, and looks like she will have her HEA eventually, so...

In summary, this book was simple and just plain-hilarious. Yes, go ahead and read it. You will not regret it, at all.