Four Times Mark Was an Idiot

Four Times Mark Was an Idiot - Magalina The last story left me wanting mooooore.

This fanfic should get published. The actual link to read these cute little stories is this. (Edit: the links to the other stories have been removed. This link has only two of the original stories... I can't find the other 2 bwaaa. If someone has them, please share).

I had to re-read the first work of the series and I am so glad I did. It is an excellent coming-of-age story. In these 3 shorts stories Mark is more mature and comfortable with his sexuality. In fact, he gets upset when people stare at him and Rogers, but not because he is ashamed, but because he hates that people tries to meddle into his life.

1st- "The One in Which They Sort of Go On a Date": so cute. Their first date. Mark is nervous and kind of wants-doesn't-want to go to the movies. But all ends well. Oh, and his little brother Dan is just too mischievous but so funny.

2nd- "Being Here Feels Like Present Enough": awww so cute again. A couple of flashbacks and then present day, Mark and Rogers' birthday. In a party. Where they celebrate with a kiss at midnight <3.<br/>
3rd- "The Prom Story": ends with a bit of cliff-hanger :( or like it was unfinished.

More please!