Circus of the Damned

Circus of the Damned - Cornelia Grey 2.5

I love everything about the circus: that it was damned, it freaks (the octopus, the clown, the dwarf, the strong woman, etc), the only performance we are able to read... I love Gilbert and his magic, Jesse and his ability with fire. When they have a battle against Reuben's men it was awesome. I fell in love a tiny bit with the idea of ringmaster Jesse, a beautiful guy with fire! I liked the devil Farfarello and the deal he has with Jesse and the members of the circus, it was a bit creepy and dark but overall the devil wasn't bad. I would have preferred more battles maybe, and more interaction with the members of the circus that weren't Constance and the octopus and Hugo... I had a hard time remembering who was this girl and that other one.

The book would have been a lot better if it wasn't for the "romance", which really isn't (reason why I can't shelf this in my mm romance shelf). Gilbert falls more or less in love with Jesse and they begin an affair. It was almost impossible NOT to like Jesse, with the ability he has and his looks (his personality, meh). Truth is, there is a love triangle in this story, which is something that I hate. Although it isn't really a triangle, since the balance is tipping in favor of the devil. You can't really compete against a 200-year-old story, which is what Jesse and the devil have. I can't understand why they aren't together, or why didn't Jesse chose the devil at the end. The devil still loves him, Jesse still loves him... they were in pain because they weren't together. Yes, Jesse starts to be Gilbert's lover and he cares for him, but not in the romantic way. Till the end, I don't feel like there is a closure between Jesse and the devil, and I hoped that Gilbert and Jesse remained friends only by the end, but then Gilbert has to go and be the hero. For a guy that never showed a love interest for him (and I am not talking about lust, which was fine. But actual care). MEH.

So I would recommend this for the action and the urban fantasy/steampunk side, but for the romance (which there isn't) I don't.