Ten Count

Ten Count - Rihito Takarai Total chapters read: 31
Overall: 2 stars

I loved that this story is slow-paced, and I found the plot very unique, with Shirotani having mysophobia. I liked that their names mean something, with Shirotani being more innocent ("white") and Kurose more dark ("black"). Sometimes I thought the art was ugly, but other times that it was rather nice.

On the other hand, it started very realistic and then goes downhill. I think that Kurose "seduced" Shirotani a little too soon (although it was in vol. 2 I think), but with his condition, I am not sure if Shirotani accepted all too well, and more so since the seduction was actually an attack. I think there should have been more inner conflicts, but again, this is a yaoi, so we really shouldn't expect too much.

What I really disliked, and I think that it was f**-up as hell was Shirotani's past. It was disturbing to read how he coped when he was in the closet watching his father having sex with his student, and how that student dealt with the whole relationship between Shirotani and his father. I was shocked to read that he also had the Edipo syndrome but with his father instead of his mother (who was dead). And the reason why he had mysophobia.

Then, another shock... Kurose's own story. How old was he when he "attacked" his adult neighbor? i get that this is a dark story, but since it begins so nice and real, and then it turns into something so dark and f***-up, it surprised me but in a bad way. Specially since I don't like reading f**-up mm romances, like this one. In the end, I disliked Kurose as well. I did not feel like he really loved Shirotani... he was more f**ed-up than Shirotani. What he did when he was a boy, what he did to Shirotani (specially since he "loved" him, and knowing his condition)... all that was very disturbing and in spite of keeping me hooked, was a total "it creeped me out".